Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Long Grass?

Hedge trimmers come in a range of sizes and power outputs that are suited to different purposes.

Instead of cutting evenly and cleanly like a lawnmower, hedge trimmers are designed to cut high-growing shrubs and hedges quickly and efficiently without making their height and shorter in the process. 

So it might not be the right tool for cutting long grass.

If you have an electric powered hedge trimmer, you may cut tall grass, but it is not recommended. 

It can handle taller materials (up to 60 inches), but more elevated materials might be pulled rather than cut off cleanly by the blade.

However, if your ground is too complicated or rocky, it will act like scissors on long grass.

A manual lawn cutter cannot accurately trim such high-growing plants because its blades will not clear these heights reliably without causing damage or injury.

Which Tool Is Used For Cutting Tall Grasses?

The best tools for cutting tall grass are a blade, scissors, a weed whacker, string trimmer or a lawnmower.


Scissors are great because they can cut both sides of the blades and clear space quickly without getting stuck in the long grass.

Weed Whackers

Another best way to cut tall grass is to use a weed wacker.

It will get the job done more quickly, but it also has the added benefit of preventing weeds from growing in your lawn, which means you won’t have to cut them as often.

A weed wacker is a tool for cutting grasses, whether wet or dry – its low-to-the-ground design and forceful motion make it perfect for all types of yards.

It’s excellent for high snow depths if you need to clear an area before seeding, mowing or fertilizing. It’ll even move over topsoil that hasn’t been compacted.

String Trimmers

String trimmers will also cut through to make smaller clippings that then decompose more quickly than big chunks from the blades.

Additionally, when using either scissors or weed whackers, it is best not to push down on them – this is what causes them to get stuck!

Instead, slash at the grass by moving your arm correctly like you would if you.

What is The Best Way to Cut Tall Grass?

The best way to cut tall grass is to use a lawnmower.

Tall grasses may be uncomfortable and unruly to deal with on their own; however, they can easily be handled by a lawnmower blade.

Many manage this type of vegetation by setting up an electric fence that mimics natural barriers that would exist in the wild (such as brambles) and then getting rid of the unwanted patches with the aid of garden tools, shears or full-blades as necessary.

There are also commercially produced herbicides that can encourage rapid growth for easier mowing. 

However, it’s always important to remember that indiscriminate usage could negatively affect your surrounding habitat.