Best Evergreens for Privacy Screens and Hedges UK

Evergreens are best if you love your privacy and want to repel noise or air pollution. These shrubs and trees create a significant barrier between your ...

Popular Evergreen Shrubs UK

Evergreen shrubs are perfect to create hedges because they protect your privacy 365 days a year. For instance, yews are a needle-bearing evergreen shrub ...

How to Grow a Hedge Maple in Your Garden?

Acer Campestre or Maple grows in a variety of shapes and sizes. Such trees look outstanding in your garden. You can display this species aesthetically or ...

What are Hand Held Hedge Shears Used For?

Hedge maintenance is challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools. But, a handheld shear can make the difference by pruning all the overgrown ...

Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Long Grass?

Hedge trimmers come in a range of sizes and power outputs that are suited to different purposes. Instead of cutting evenly and cleanly like a lawnmower, ...

Manual vs Electric Garden Shears Which is Better?

As a gardener, you have a set of responsibilities, and hedge maintenance is one of them. We know that you spent a lot of time on their upkeep. However, ...

Corded Vs Cordless Vs Petrol Hedge Trimmer- Which Is Better For You?

Are you looking for a new hedge trimmer? You have to consider multiple factors while browsing the available models to get the best option. The first ...

How Do You Maintain a Healthy Hedge?

A garden is incomplete without hedges. Do you think summers can exist without the sun? Well, it's the same with a yard that does not have any collection ...

How to Move a Hedge or Bush Without Killing It

Hedges makes your garden attractive, but sometimes you need to move them to a different location. This process called transplantation could be tricky because ...

Beginners Guide to Using A Hedge Trimmer

Are you using a hedge trimmer for the first time? If yes, then it's crucial to understand how this machine works. Hedge trimming devices are easy to use but ...

How to Sharpen Hedge Trimmer Blades?

A hedge trimmer needs sharpening after every 50 hours of usage. It’s crucial if you need even and smooth cutting results. So, sharpen the trimmer knives ...

Why Is My Hedge Trimmer Not Working?

Is your hedge trimmer not working? Or is it smoking? Well, your trimmer is a machine, which might go wrong or create some issues occasionally. So, ...

Cutting Hedge Gardens
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