Hedge Trimmers 101: The Expert Guide to Buying the Right Trimmer

A hedge trimmer is cutting through and the guide table of content

Hedge trimmers are essential for keeping your garden or outdoor space neat and tidy.  With various types of hedge trimmers available, knowing which one to choose can be challenging.  In this buying guide, we will provide practical tips on buying the best hedge trimmer for your needs, including the types of trimmers available and which … Read more

Best Evergreens for Privacy Screens and Hedges UK

Best Evergreens for Privacy Screens and Hedges UK

Evergreens are best if you love the privacy and want to repel noise or air pollution. These shrubs and trees create a significant barrier between your property and the outside world, which works better than fences. Some develop into dense hedges within a few weeks, while others grow. Look at the UK’s top 10 evergreens … Read more

Popular Evergreen Shrubs UK

Popular Evergreen Shrubs UK

Evergreen shrubs are perfect to create hedges because they protect your privacy 365 days a year. For instance, yews are a needle-bearing evergreen shrub ideal for borders as you can easily trim them into any shape. Checkout the hedge trimming safety guideline here. Similarly, Boxwood is a variety of broadleaf evergreen shrubs, which can work … Read more

How to Grow a Hedge Maple in Your Garden?

How to Grow a Hedge Maple in Your Garden

Acer Campestre or Maple grows in a variety of shapes and sizes. Such trees look outstanding in your garden. You can display this species aesthetically or use its timber. Antonio Stradivari, one of the famous violin designers, applied this plantation for some of his products. Let’s discuss how to grow a hedge maple in your … Read more

What are Hand Held Hedge Shears Used For?

What are Hand Held Hedge Shears Used For

Hedge maintenance is challenging, especially if you don’t have the right tools. But, a handheld shear can make the difference by pruning all the overgrown branches and leaves. So, it’s a valuable investment if you own some bushes, shrubs and hedges in your garden. However, this apparatus can destroy the plants if used inappropriately. What … Read more

Can a Hedge Trimmer Cut Long Grass?


Hedge trimmers come in a range of sizes and power outputs that are suited to different purposes. Instead of cutting evenly and cleanly like a lawnmower, hedge trimmers are designed to cut high-growing shrubs and hedges quickly and efficiently without making their height and shorter in the process.  So it might not be the right tool for cutting … Read more

Manual vs Electric Garden Shears Which is Better?

Manual vs Electric Garden Shears

As a gardener, you have a set of responsibilities, and hedge maintenance is one of them. We know that you spent a lot of time on their upkeep. However, there is a problem. Your hedges might appear unhealthy and dull if you choose unworthy shears. So, which one to pick; manual, electric or petrol powered? … Read more

Corded Vs Cordless Vs Petrol Hedge Trimmer- Which Is Better For You?

Corded Vs Cordless Vs Petrol Hedge Trimmer- Which Is Better For You

Are you looking for a new hedge trimmer? You have to consider multiple factors while browsing the available models to get the best option. The first point is to think about the power source. There are three types of hedge trimmer available if we categorize them according to the fuel type: corded, cordless and petrol. … Read more