Best Electric Hedge Trimmer UK 2022

Best Electric Hedge Trimmer UK

Electric hedge trimmers are the perfect choice for anyone looking to save time on maintenance and be able to use this tool year-round.

Unlike petrol-powered models, electric models do not require any preparation before you can start trimming your hedges; they’re just plugged in or turned on!

In this guide, we are going to review the best electric hedge trimmers in the UK, answer some questions, advice & suggest our Top picks of 2022

What is an Electric Hedge Trimmer?

An electric hedge trimmer is a gardening tool that is widely used to trim hedges and shrubs.

The power source of an electrical hedge trimmer can be either the mains connection or battery, both providing enough energy to operate its motor.

Electric motors are quieter than petrol-powered engines, which means you won’t have to worry about going deaf while using them!

Its primary function is to make your job easier by cutting the bush or hedge into desired shapes and sizes without much exertion from you.

It can be wielded with one hand only, thus making it more convenient for some people when working.

Our Top Picks of 2022

Makita DUH523Z 18V Li-Ion LXT 52cm Hedge Trimmer - Batteries and Charger Not Included
  • Stain-free shear blade surface of glittering silver obtained by non-electrolysed nickel plating that features high anti-abrasion surface for long lasting coating
  • Anti-vibration structure; 5 cushions to absorb vibration from the blade and motor crank section
  • User replaceable blade; The blade can be removed without dis-assembling the housing
  • Battery capacity warning lamp; Blinking red shows battery power has low charge and solid red, The battery has no charge. The battery protector will shut off the power
  • 2 handed operation; The motor only starts when both the switch and the top handle are Engaged

Why Should You Choose an Electric Hedge Trimmer?

An electric hedge trimmer is a perfect tool for cutting shrubs and bushes close to walls, fences, walkways and other areas where it might be challenging to maneuver a manual hedge trimmer.

It’s also lightweight, so you do not get tired working with it.

Electric hedge trimmers are also safer than using a manual model because they don’t have any sharp blades that come in contact with your hands.

Electric hedge trimmers are also one of the most affordable models in the market today, typically ranging from £50 to £200.

Our Top Choices for the Best Electric Hedge Trimmers of 2022


What Should You Consider Before Buying an Electric Hedge Trimmer?

Power: First and foremost, look for an electric hedge trimmer with a powerful motor since it will allow thicker branches to be cut effectively.

You should also find out if it can handle heavy-duty tasks. The more power it has, the better.

Safety: Another factor you should consider is the hedge trimmer’s safety features.

Some models have a “dead man” handle that will shut off the motor when released, keeping you safe from injuries.

When buying an electric hedge trimmer, make sure that its blades do not contact your hands while working.

Speed: Hedge trimmers with fast blades should be considered when looking for a tool since it helps you work faster.

Ergonomic Handle and Trigger: These components are integral to your comfort while using the electric hedge trimmer, so make sure they’re easy to use.

Type of Cord or Battery – electric hedge trimmers can be powered by an extension cord or a battery. Choose based on your needs.


Common Mistakes People Make When Using Their New Electric Hedge Cutter

Don’t run the hedge cutter with the blades touching the branches.

This can cause them to overheat, which will reduce their lifespan when choosing between an electric and manual hedge trimmer. 

Always go for the latter because it is safer due to its dull edges. It is also advisable to keep your hand on top of the hedge trimmer’s handle when cutting branches to prevent losing control of the tool.

Corded Vs Cordless -Which one I Need?

If you want an electric hedge trimmer that is lightweight and easy to maneuver, then get yourself a cordless model. Corded models are more powerful, but you’ll have to deal with a long extension cord.

How To Take Care of Your Electric Hedge Trimmer?

Taking good care of your tools ensures that they’ll last longer. You should, therefore, take care of your hedge trimmer by doing the following:

  • Make sure to unplug the power cord from the outlet before storing it. Doing this will prevent you from accidentally tripping over it or damaging it while putting it away.
  • Wrap the cord around its base when storing it, and don’t wrap it around your fingers. Doing this will prevent the cable from being accidentally pulled out of the floor, causing injury and damage to your hedge trimmer.
  • Never attempt to dismantle or fix it yourself since you might end up damaging or even destroying it. You can, however, have its blades sharpened by a specialist when they become dull.


The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best electric hedge trimmer in the UK, we recommend that you look into what these top 10 products have to offer before making a decision.

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the frequently asked questions & our top selections so that you can make your own educated choice on which one is right for you!

Have any questions? We’d be happy to answer them.


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