Best Hedge Trimmer For Thick Branches

Best Hedge Trimmer For Thick Branches in UK

Hedge trimmers are one of the most useful tools when it comes to trimming bushes around your home and property.

Depending on what type you get, you can cut up to 1 ½ or even 1 ¾ inch thick; however, some more powerful hedge trimmers can go as much as 3-4 inches in thickness.

It’s best to use hedge trimmers with sharp blades & a powerful motor that can handle the thickness.

But for extensive branches, we recommend using an electric saw like a chainsaw or axe instead of trying your luck at cutting them down yourself.

This post will reveal some of the best hedge trimmers available in the UK market that can manage thick branches of your lawn.


Our Top 10 Best Hedge Trimmers for Thick Branches

Petrol Vs Electric- Which Type is Better for Thick Branches


They come in two types: petrol Hedge Trimmers or electric Hedge Trimmers

Both have their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s essential to understand what each type does before deciding which one to buy.

The petrol-powered hedge trimmer is a good choice for most needs and jobs. 

It has more power than electric models, better suited for smaller lawns or tasks like trimming along fence lines.

The suitable model can also perform long workdays without running out of juice quickly due to its higher stroke rate, which gives it enough strength to cut through thick branches easily.

Even those on more significant properties require less maintenance using this type of powerful tool!

Electric hedge trimmers do not require a fuel tank. Still, the power cord limits flexibility when cutting down tall bushes or trimming branches from trees because you are limited by how far away an outlet is available for powering your equipment.


The blades on a hedge trimmer are essential for cutting through thick greenery. With this in mind, it’s crucial to invest your money into something that will last you long enough to get the job done efficiently and effectively! 

Petrol operated models usually have an average lifespan of two to six years, while electric ones typically go from two up until three years maximum.

Petrol powered hedge trimmers are usually designed to last anywhere from two-six years on average, but electric ones only have a lifespan of 2-3. 

This is because they can be more easily influenced by water and high humidity levels, which cause them not to turn as smoothly or quickly.

However, you may prefer gas if it’s easier for you to work with around the plants in your garden – incredibly thick bushes that take up space near fences where there might not be many outlets nearby!


Choosing the best hedge trimmers can be tricky.

Depending on the type of hedges you have, you’ll need a pair that can deliver extra-sharp blades and a powerful motor to tackle thick branches. 

Here we have revealed some of the best options available in the UK that you may consider.

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